Team Greco battles in TN!

Team Greco had a strong showing in Kingsport TN at the AAU National Elementary Duals. Considering our team had many holes in which we could not fill so this resulted in us giving up 42 points in every dual match. Our coaching staff is to be commended for working hard to get many exhibitions for our wrestlers who averaged at least 15 matches each for this weekend! Our staff even stepped up to ref for exhibition matches for our Florida kids. We ended up taking 6th Place out of the Bronze Teams, even though our kids won 75% of all their matches in total. We wrestled many of the kids up a weight class for several of the duals. These kids wrestled tough and faced their opponents with the most amazing optimism and courage. We are thankful for all of the Team Greco supporters who were in the stands and especially Team Hurricanes that cheered us on as we wrestled some amazing teams. Thanks to Tennessee for your hospitality. We had a wonderful experience and will plan to be back next year.

The following kids were on our roster and should be commended for their athleticism and perseverance:

  • Adaias Ortiz

  • Lincoln Sledzianowski

  • Sebastian DeGennaro

  • Kiki Flanagan

  • Vince Bouzakis

  • Adam Williams

  • Braden Basile

  • Kai Owen

  • Nic Bouzakis

  • Bailey Flanagan

  • Dylan Layton

  • George Duncan

  • Nolin Eaddy

  • Paul Valdivia

  • Brendan Black

Our coaching staff included: 

Troy Bouzakis, Sal Basile, Scott Owen, Sean Flanagan, George Duncan


Five members of our team achieved All American status!We are so proud of Team Greco for their efforts in Tennessee!! We thank all of you for continuing to support our son Greco Roman Bouzakis, his fight continues. With every dual Team Greco competes in, more people are praying for Greco to live !! Thank You!!! LiveGreco !!!