I love Greco!

Thank you for checking in on Greco. I hope you enjoy reading about our journey. Hopefully there might have been something in our story that encourages you in some small way. I wanted to let you know that I have decided to spend my time with my family and start journaling on paper, the old fashioned way, for a while. So for a time, I am stepping away from the blog. It is mainly for our privacy right now. We will be very busy enjoying our family time together. We appreciate all the emails, calls, texts and visits so much. But right now, we are "circling the wagons", and ask you to please understand we want to be together as a family. If you want to do something for us we totally appreciate it. We are asking for only one thing. The one and only thing we have asked for since starting this blog. We ask that you pray. Just pray for Greco and our family as we are traveling a very bumpy road in this long, long journey. We are faithful that God has this all under control and we are trusting his timing. Greco will be healed. And we thank God for that miracle!! Check back soon as I may just post some pictures of our adventures for a while. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words! When I start blogging again, I will pick up right here. Right here where I am signing off for a while. So even though things might be quiet around here for a time, please don't forget about us. Talk to you soon! But in the meantime, PRAY FOR GRECO! LiveGreco❤️ LoveGreco😘

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