Sleeping Ladybugs

My college roommate, Kris Orr, is a wonderful photographer and recently sent me these stunning pictures of some sleeping ladybugs. She captured this picture on an early morning walk of some little ladybugs sleeping on some dew covered leaves. They appear to be snuggled together. Are they cold? Are they afraid? Are they scared? I don't think so. You see, God takes care of even the smallest of creatures. After all, he created them all. God provides protection for them and though they have many predators, they thrive in our harsh world. Surely, surely if God would look after and care for these tiny little creatures, just think of what He will do for us. I believe God will spare Greco from the terrible prognosis he has been given. I believe our journey is a hard one and may be a very long one so that we will draw us closer to Him. If God will allow these little friends to sleep comfortably in the open air without fear of being eaten, then won't He do so much more for a five year old little boy who loves Him so very much. LiveGreco!

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