GOOD Friday, 2016

Good Friday started early. Around 2AM, our little girl woke up with a fever. 103.6!!!! I have seen that number before, pretty sure what is happening here. So not much to do but try to bring it down until we can get to the pediatrician. Sore throat and chills at 4AM. Come on, hurry up and let the day get started, I have got to go to the doctor ASAP!! 6:30, fever spikes again. I am exhausted and the sun isn't even up yet. Have to get on the phone at exactly 8, to try to get in to the dr.!!! Oh, please hurry!! Boy, what a rough start to the day. But I was able to get in, and get the meds to treat Jaclyn for strep throat. Of course I knew this was coming. All she wanted to know is if she would be well in time for church on Sunday. The doctor assured us, she would not be contagious by then. Whew!!! We are down to one car, have these sick kids, errands to run and work to do. So busy. So overwhelmed with what's not getting done. Work, school, housework, dr appointments, bills to pay, the list is endless. But today is Good Friday. I have to stop in the midst of all that is going on and really reflect on Good Friday. Did Holy Mary Mother of God have days like this? I bet she did and worse. All those years ago Good Friday didn't start out so good for her either. She endured the pain of watching her son die on a cross. Did she know this was coming? Was she aware that it was going to be as terrible as it was? Maybe she did. Would she have stopped it if she could have? After all, she was Jesus' mother. Would she have stopped his crucifixion if she could have? Would Mary have saved her son so the whole world would be lost?? I don't think she would have. You see, there is always GOOD. Even in that day many years ago. Jesus suffered in agony, but there was good. His mother cried tears of sadness, but there was good. Had it not been for that sacrifice, that ultimate sacrifice, we would not see the good that is all around us. Days may seem like they start off really rough. Life may seem completely unfair. Problems just keep coming, but there is good. Sometimes it may seem impossible to find. It may just be a kind gesture or a smile from a stranger, but it is good and it is out there. Sometimes you have to look for it among the ashes of the destruction that is raging in your life. Sometimes you must dig deep within yourself to even try to look for the good, but it is there. Our lives are not perfect now. But they will be some day. We are only on this earth temporarily and it won't be a bed of roses. There will be trials, there will be pain, there will be sickness and death. But there will also be good. If you can't see it, then just choose to be it!! Today is Good Friday. My life is not perfect, my family has its struggles, we fall down a lot, but we have faith in Jesus who suffered on the cross for all of us. No, things are not smooth sailing in our home, but it is Good Friday and it is ALL GOOD!!

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