Another Ladybug Visit

As you know, we LOVE ladybugs at our house. We don't see them very often, but when we do, it is an exciting event. Today was a busy day and stressful with rushing here and there. On the way to wrestling practice a ladybug landed on the windshield of our car!! Of course, my mind instantly races to the day 2 years ago that a ladybug did the very same thing. I pointed out the ladybug to the kids and there were squeals of excitement!! What was so unusual, is that the ladybug stayed in the same spot for quite some time. It was as if she was clinging to the glass, trying not to be blown away. As I drove down the road, the kids strained to see over the seat to see what she would do. Even as I slowed to stop at a light, the ladybug did not move. So of course I had to ask. I had to ask Greco a big question.... "What is that ladybug doing Greco?" And his very quick and confident response was.... "That ladybug is taking the rest of the tumor out of my brain!!" And she flew away.....

#teamgreco #livegreco #pediatriccancer #grecoromanbouzakis #radiation #takedowncancer #diffuseintrinsicpontineglioma

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