When it rains, it pours!

Most of us have heard that simple phrase many, many times in our lives. It seems to be true. When bad things happen, they usually come in bunches. Well, lately at our house the phrase should be, "When it rains, it's a MONSOON!!" Oh boy, with all of the sickness we have had, you would think that would be plenty to endure. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. In the last two weeks we have been deluged with "unfortunate events". I do not believe in luck, so no, don't think oh, the Bouzakis family is going through a bit of bad luck. I prefer to call these "unfortunate events", trials or tests of faith. You know, it is so easy to crumble under the pressure of the trials. But I guess the more we endure, the tougher we get, I hope!!! Giving up and throwing in the towel are always options, but no, that isn't an option for us. We just deal with the trials as they come. And they are coming fast, some pretty low blows too. So we have had a bit of car trouble, I don't even want to go into that, but buying and selling cars is not easy, not fun and totally nerve wracking!!! I had a wrestling dad follow me down the road after practice one night, only to call and say, "Toni, I hate to tell you this but your headlight is out." Ughh!! KaChing$ So we have that going on. Meanwhile as you know I have been in the process of sending Greco's medical records to other hospitals. Right now I am focusing on one in the UK. The process of sending records isn't a simple phone call. It requires me going to several locations to request, wait, pick up scans and then deliver them to another location that will send them to our oncologist, who will then ship out to me to mail. That alone can take weeks!! Not counting the 10 days it takes to get across the pond, along with the cost of international shipping. KaChing$. Well, if that wasn't enough, I went to put the last MRI scan in the huge envelope with all of the other scans and reports, only to find that all of the scans already packaged to go to the UK were drenched in coffee!! I don't even know if they are readable!! I sent them anyway. Next, we got the terrible news at the oncology appointment. That in and of itself was enough to do me in. But defeat is not an option. I even had to borrow a car to get to the appointment!! I can't stand asking for help, but you do what you've got to do. That day also happened to be my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday Honey. It was also the one year anniversary of the death of my dear friend's baby. Just a depressing day from beginning to end. Then around 11:30 at night we get a call from the bank that my credit card has been stolen and has racked up about $11,000 worth of charges in Beijing, China. KACHING$$$. The next morning we wake up to a very sick son. Quick trip to the pediatrician and several swabs and blood tests later,we find out he has Strep throat and of course is very contagious. Off to the pharmacy! KaChing$ Poor kid, one solid week in solitary confinement in his room!! I washed more sheets in that one week than I have in two months!!! Next day, cars in the shop, yes plural, both of them. KaChing$ Next morning, we wake up to find that my wonderful Christmas gift from my husband is running loose all over the back yard. Someone left the door open to our chicken coop and they all escaped!! Yes, I have chickens!! I know, what in the world am I doing with chickens? They are work, but honestly once they start laying, everyone will "get it". They bring me joy, what can I say. Best present Troy ever bought me! Least expensive one too! Few days later, I broke my toe! And NO I did not go to the doctor. I am dealing with it. It looks bad, feels bad, but what can you really do? Has any of this slowed me down, not a bit. Things are still happening, we are still busy, busy, busy!! Next day, instead of going to the doctor for my toe, I took Nic back in. Strep gone but blood work ordered for mono!! Ughh, that is a game changer!! Can't even wrestle until we get the results!! KaChing$ On the way home from the doctor, guess who gets pulled over? Yes, me. No excuse. In a hurry. All my fault, but got off with a warning. Thank goodness, no KaChing on this one!! Next morning wake up to a crime scene! A raccoon has dug into my chicken coop and "murdered " one of my sweet, darling chickens! Devastation, we were all completely upset. This really was very upsetting. Just another trial. Goodness Gracious, just typing all of this is depressing. Lots of trials and tests of faith. We keep getting knocked down, but we always get back up! Getting knocked down isn't easy, it isn't fun, nobody wants to do it, but it is a sure fire way to be put on your knees. And sometimes that's exactly where you need to be, on your knees. Where are you?

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