Why so quiet???

It has been a long time since I last updated the blog. Sorry for leaving you hanging. But things have been far from quiet around here. We enjoyed a wonderful time at the 2nd Annual Live Greco Invitational at Steinbrenner High School. There was a great turnout and the talent of the wrestlers was amazing. My mother in law and sister in law both stayed the entire day from 7AM to 10PM helping me sell Greco gear. It was good to see so many people wearing the gear. A special thanks to Paul Noble, Steinbrenner wrestling coach, for once again putting on this event for us. After the awesome weekend, our entire family was stricken with the stomach bug!!! That wiped us out for two solid weeks. We recovered in time to wrestle in Wildwood NJ for a dual meet! While there we were fortunate enough to meet Kelly Ripa and Marc Consuelos!!!!! We gave them a Greco singlet for their son Joaquin, who was also competing in the tourney. I will add pics soon. The teams did great and we had a super fabulous time with the parents and wrestlers. I love going places and sharing our story with others. Hopefully Kelly will check out our website and bring attention to DIPG. The day we returned home from NJ, our entire family came down with the FLU!!! We thought the stomach bug was bad, but boy, the flu almost killed us. Once again, we were down for another two weeks. This has been a rough winter for us. After barely recuperating from the flu, we took the boys to wrestle for The Gladiator's at the Wellington duals. It was a great time too. We were able to spend some time in Miami at the beach and enjoy some family time together. Throughout all of this family sickness and traveling I have been working on getting second opinions for Greco. Sending records here and yonder, trying to get some fresh eyes on his case and possibly a different point of view. I believe Greco is a survivor, just trying to find a doctor to agree with me. But more importantly find out more about his case in hopes of unlocking the key to DIPG. Too many kids are dying. I want Greco to live and hopefully give other families HOPE. As you might already know, at diagnosis, we were not given any hope whatsoever. None! But, all of the running around, collecting records, making phone calls, emailing doctors, the responses are all the same... "Greco has DIPG, appears to be a low grade tumor, WHEN it begins to return, radiation can be done again, for palliative care." Not exactly the response I have been looking for. Despite all of this, we remain thankful that we have been so blessed. We believe Greco will live. We believe he is healed, even though the MRI's don't say that. We believe a miracle is occurring. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Greco's healing as well as the prayers for our family. The road we are traveling right now is not easy. Doubt and dismay creep into are lives daily. But we continue to thank God for saving Greco and giving us peace with this journey we are on.

Thank you for joining us. I appreciate you checking in on Greco and reading about our lives. It truly is therapeutic to just get it off my chest. I hope our story can be an encouragement to others.

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