Before and After

So it has been a very long time since I have updated the site. Life is happening around here!! We have had a busy time with the holidays, Greco's recovery, wrestling tournaments, family illness and lots of school. Most of which would probably not be of interest to read, much less write about. So, in my attempt to get back on track and honor one of my New Year's Resolutions I will make an effort to back track and report on some of the things that have been happening here. One of the last things I told you about was Greco's latest MRI ( report of swelling in the pons ). That news was definitely unexpected and the doctors really could not explain it. In a step of faith, we decided to proceed with the eye surgery. First, because we believe Greco is healed and will live a long and healthy life, second, the tumor was the same size and the doctors saw no reason to think it was growing back. Swelling pons = bump in road. So we went ahead and had both eyes operated on. They looked pretty bad for a few weeks. But today I snapped the after picture. The before picture was taken at the hospital right before surgery. Yes, greco is definitely in need of a haircut, but check out his eyes!!! What do you think??? Believing is Seeing!! Thank you Lord for all of Your Blessings!!

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