Eye Surgery

Today we spent the day at All Children's Hospital. Once again poor little Greco wasn't able to eat and was "starving" for the hours drive to St. Petersburg. It was a cloudy and rainy day. It wasn't until the drive home that I could appreciate that. It never rains much this time of year here in Florida, but today was a messy rain. I get so scared driving over that long bridge to St. Pete on sunny days, rainy days are even worse. We did not have much of a wait once we got to the hospital. I think the patient in front of us was getting the exact same eye surgery. The surgery Greco had was done on both eyes. He had the muscles closest to his nose cut and reattached further back on the eyeball. This loosening would help his crossed eye swivel with his good eye, but the brain has to take over and realize that it can control the crossed eye. Recovery is long. The surgery was just over an hour and we sat with the kids in the cafe down the hall to wait. We always, always take all of the kids to any of Greco's treatments or surgery's. Yes we have offers from Grammy to come stay with them, but we have always insisted they be right there every step of this journey. They need to know what Greco is going through. The hospital gives you a beeper, just like at a restaurant to let you know when to come back. First you have to sit in a waiting room to speak with the Doctor, then you get another beeper to let you know when to go to the recovery room. Greco's surgery went well, no problems or complications, Praise God!!! When we walked into recovery, he was still sleeping with a wet wash cloth over his eyes. He wasn't in pain, but he couldn't open his eyes, for days!!!!! The doctor gave us a medication to put in his eyes to lubricate them and that was a battle in and of itself!! Greco slept in my arms the whole drive home. Now I understood why God had sent the overcast weather to Tampa today. The bright sun would have been painful for Greco. He could barely open his eyes and when he did, they were red and goopy. Little bloody tears would roll down his cheek, so sad. My little guy is such a warrior. The afternoon was spent with Greco sleeping a lot or in a dark room. He didn't open his eyes, so we all took turns carrying him where he needed to go. I even had to feed him, because he still couldn't open his eye. We were so thankful for the delicious meal we had waiting at home when we returned from the hospital. Thanks Grammy, that was such a blessing to not have to cook, but to spend time taking care of Greco. All the kids were helping, bringing him toys and feeding him and bringing him drinks of water and helping with trips to the potty! My kids are so awesome. Greco has endured so much in his short life. He is an example to us all. Very little complaining, just does what he has to do, without question. Troy and I believe that we are making the best decisions for Greco's care. With much prayer we decided to move forward with this operation, despite the latest MRI results. None of the doctors can explain why Greco's pons was swollen in that last scan. Maybe it is just the devil trying to bring doubt into our minds. Nevertheless, we are trusting God, believing God and praising God for saving Greco. He has lots left to do on this earth and we believe he will be with us for a very long time!!

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