Oncology Appointment

I did not mention that on the way to VA, I received word from the oncologist that Greco needed to be seen. Changes were noted on the latest MRI. Imagine my shock! I had to carry this information and all of the uncertainty and what if's for days. Changes are noted, what? With no more information other than you need to come in, what else should I think? Changes are noted...... Changes, there haven't been changes in a very long time. And all of those changes were good. Why do I need to come in? Pray, pray, pray! That is what I did all weekend, it is all I could do. Stay positive and pray. I have no reason to doubt, although, I am only human and this is my child and changes were noted on the MRI. On the way to the hospital for this appointment we blasted The Eye of the Tiger, one of Greco's favorite songs. We sang it as loud as we could!! The hour long drive was filled with loud music, and getting so pumped up!! We were treating this appointment like a wrestling match. No matter what we heard we were not going to our backs, Greco would NOT be defeated!!! We were PUMPED!! Greco even chose a Tiger shirt to wear, he was ready! He was ready to step to the middle of the mat! No matter what this doctor has to say, we are ready for battle and we won't back down!! Changes are noted.... Sounds simple enough, but the explanation isn't so simple. MRI's are tricky, but in a nutshell the changes seem to be happening in Greco's pons. The pons is where Greco's tumor is intertwined. The tumor appears to be the same size, however the pons appears bulkier, possibly swelling. Is this good news or bad news, we don't know. The doctor doesn't know, the entire tumor board does not know. Some doctors on the board believe this is nothing to worry about, others believe it is noteworthy and only fair to be informed. Is this the beginning of tumor growth, or simply residual effects of radiation? Radiation, that was over 2 years ago. ( Hard to believe that he finished treatment over 2 years ago! ). There are no signs outwardly that changes are going on in Greco's brain. That is good news. But the board suggests more frequent MRI's to keep an eye on the swelling. Keep living, keep fighting and come back next month for another scan! OK, that's what we will do. We believe Greco is healed and Thank God everyday for taking the tumor out of Sweet Greco's head!! Greco is a warrior! He is a fighter and he is not backing down. These reports aren't set backs, just challenges. And we all know... Challenges are Certain, Defeat is Optional!

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