Time for another MRI

We went in this morning for our next routine MRI. We are now doing them every six months. That is good news, as we used to go in every three months. Every time we do this, poor Greco has to be sedated. After the MRI is completed, he has to go to the recovery room. It really is a long day when we come to the hospital, and no fun. However it is really nice to see the hospital staff that have been on this journey with us. We can almost see the look of relief on their faces when they see Greco is still here and the scan is " just routine". Today when Greco woke up he was in a lot of pain. He has been sedated numerous times and sometimes has been very irritable when he gets to recovery. Today he was screaming in pain, holding his head yelling " I can't take it!!!" His head was hurting so very bad, it was very alarming and upsetting to me. The recovery room nurse, Nina, called the anesthesiologist to come see Greco. It was decided that the headache may have been due to the gas used, coupled with dehydration. Poor guy had not had any food or water for over 12 hours. So pain meds were put into his IV and Greco soon settled and drifted back to sleep. As we waited for him to wake, and get all of the IV's, and gadgets off, the kids played with rubber gloves blown up like balloons! Another day at the hospital, now to wait for the results.

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