True Champion

What is a true champion? The person at the top of the stand at the end of a competition? The person that fights and battles for things bigger than he is AND for those things much smaller than he is? The person, that in his glory, remembers those that may never get to be at the top of the stand? Is a true champion selfless in his victory? Is he or she giving to those that may be insignificant to the world. A true champion is all of these things but also much more. On the mat, the true champion will battle and grapple for the title he deserves. But what he does off the mat, when no one is looking, is where the true champion earns the respect for his humble and selfless acts that reflect the true goodness within him. You may know a few champions. But do you know a TRUE CHAMPION? We do! His name is Larry Early and he is a true champion! Larry is a 2015 Junior National Champ. The award he received is one coveted by wrestlers all over the country. It is awarded to only the best of the best high school wrestlers. So needless to say, there aren't many of these awards sitting on wrestlers shelves. But today, Greco has one sitting on his shelf! Thank you Larry for bring a TRUE CHAMPION!! Thank you for being our friend! You are an amazing and selfless young man with a heart of gold.

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