Greco's Mask

While cleaning our closets last weekend, we stumbled upon Greco's mask. He had not seen it in a long time, so I took it down for him to look at. Greco tried it on, and sure enough his sweet little head still fits in the thing. From the picture you can see the x marks the spots. Those pieces of tape helped guide the radiation into my little guy's head. The front has a hole in it so they could slip an oxygen tube into his mouth. Greco wore this mask for all of his radiation treatments. I remember the very last day of radiation was a crazy one because Troy had Jaclyn in another hospital across town being seen for a broken arm. On the way out of the hospital on the last day, our nurse Kristie came in with this mask. She said it was ours to take home. As she handed it to me I remember asking, "what am I supposed to do with this?" Kristie laughed and said some people burn them!!! But as I took the mask and its little pillow from her, I knew that I would never ever burn this mask. It had been carefully made to fit Greco's head. The pillow helped hold his head snug inside the mask as it was bolted together for treatment. This mask was precious to me. This mask IS precious to me. Yes, it takes up room in the top of the closet, but it is an important part of this journey. It is a reminder of how good God has been to our family. Thank you Lord for letting Greco LIVE!! September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, have you told anybody?

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