According to a Cancer research website called stbaldricks.org, more adults get Cancer than children. So that means more money should go to the research of adult Cancer. That makes sense, right? But if you look at the averages, and I am talking AVERAGES here...... The average age an adult is diagnosed with cancer is around the age of 67... Yes, I think that seems high too. If/ when these patients die from cancer they have lost an average of 15 years of life... Seems low to me too. But childhood cancer has a very, very different average. The average age a child is diagnosed is the age of 6. ( Greco was 2 ). If/ when this children die of cancer they have lost an average of 71 years of life!! 71 years in which they might have married, had children of their own, pursued worthy goals, made positive impacts on the world, maybe even cured the cancer that threatened to take their life as a child. Greco does not want to be average. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.... Are you FULLY aware?

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