Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

DIPG has been in the news lately. I guess because of the month being Childhood Awareness Month. But when this month is over, the story only goes away for people not directly affected by this monster. I read a story today and it was a sad one. Most stories about DIPG end the same. It is hard to read these stories. A lot of commenters on these DIPG stories say the same thing..... How they are so sad to hear the story, how they will hug their own healthy children more, how they know someone who has/had DIPG, how this is so unfair, and so on. I have been in so many websites that include pictures of DIPG kids, Angels and Currently Battling. When you see these beautiful children, their sweet little innocent faces, you will be stunned. So many of them are already gone, but their stories are still out there. DIPG kids are dying, every day! Parents are desperate that their sweet child NOT be forgotten. They throw themselves into raising money for research. Research that failed to save their own child. I wish someone famous was paying attention to this!!! Lauren Hill did a great job getting the word out, but have you noticed that you don't hear that much anymore. Yes, she is gone and I suppose according to the media her story is not newsworthy at the moment. If you know someone famous, get them to talk, share these stories with them, DIPG needs a voice. These little children need a voice, somebody please start talking about this. Not just for September, but everyday. Let's start talking about what is important and STOP talking about things that are trivial and gossipy and trash. Greco has DIPG. He is doing awesome, he is symptom free. But that doesn't mean that he is out of the woods. He has not been given a clean bill of health. Greco has DIPG. Don't forget, tell someone, don't turn away..... This is real.

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