As much as we do with our wrestling teams, camps and practices..... It is NOT all about Greco. We don't try to make him the focus of these events. But something happened this weekend that was completely "kid led" or "wrestler led", as opposed to the kids doing what the coaches tell them. Every day after the intensive clinic with Sammie Henson was over, Troy took over and had the boys go to the track for a little running. I am not sure how far they ran each day, but it was brutal to say the least. Greco and Jaclyn also joined in on the running. On the last day as all the boys were finishing the final lap the boys started yelling "huddle up". I believe it was the high schoolers from Jesuit. No adults were around, but one of the big boys said, "where is Greco!!" So tiny guy runs out and gets picked up in the air. The group of boys then bow their heads to pray! After the prayer they get ready to say " Go Tigers " but someone else says , " no, let's do Greco". And without hesitation, this group of boys hold my little boy in the air and cheer for him!! There are some amazing kids out there. Team Greco sure has a lot of them!

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