After a very long wait to hear from the oncologist, we have news that the tumor is STABLE. This is really good news. Since Greco's tumor is an irregular shape, measuring it isn't very easy to do. We asked the oncologist what she thought of Greco's latest MRI, are we out of the woods????? Her answer was that we are not out of the woods. She encouraged us to keep praying and keep living. A chance of a reoccurrence is likely. We stand firm that Greco is healed. We thank God every single day that he has healed our son. We know that none of us are promised tomorrow. So we choose to make the most of each and every day. Greco's diagnosis has changed how we live our lives each day. Some things that used to be so important, aren't that important anymore. Greco's battle isn't over. But we believe we have been blessed by this path we have been thrown into. We know that ..... Challenges are Certain, Defeat is Optional!! LiveGreco!!!

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