Here we go again...


Greco stands waiting to go in for his MRI. Waiting is what we have done a lot of for a very, very long time. Patience is a virtue..... As I write this blog, my little fellow is in the MRI machine. I sit here in the waiting room...... Waiting, watching, praying. Today will be a good day, today I am expecting wonderful news. Greco is such a brave little boy. He no longer needs to be carried in for his scans, he walks right in and even crawls up onto the table himself. He has grown and matured so much since his very first scan 22 months ago. Yes, today marks exactly 22 months since Greco was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. Some days it feels like we have been dealing with this for his lifetime. Other days it feels like just yesterday we were sitting in that room being told the most horrible news a parent can hear. I pray today is the day that Greco will be declared Tumor free!! That horrible day 22 months ago that we were told our child would die from this tumor, we were given 2-11 months life expectancy. But here we are 22 months later and by the Grace of God, Greco still lives!! Thank you Lord for your many blessings!! Greco Lives!! LiveGreco!!!!

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