Blanket & Beads

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Last week Greco received a beautiful handmade quilt and a set of Rosary Beads from Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church in St. Augustine, Florida. A lovely card accompanied these gifts and it reads... This quilt is a gift of love and prayer. Each knot has been tied with a prayer by a parishioner. May this quilt and these prayers bring you healing and comfort. God bless you. Thank you all so very much!! The Quilt Ministry at Our Lady of Good Counsel heard about Greco's battle and created this gorgeous quilt for him. We appreciate the hard work and the many hands that went into stitching it together. The prayers that went into this quilt are numerous. We may never meet the ladies and gentlemen that have prayed for our son's healing. But I hope they will also join us as we praise the Lord each day that He has healed our boy. Greco lives!! Praise God!!!

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