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We took the kids fishing Sunday afternoon, out in the Gulf of Mexico!!! We live so close to the shore that we can hop in our car and be out on the ocean in less than an hour! It really is so much fun for the whole family. We go out and catch enough fish to cook up for supper and even freeze some for later. Everybody had a wonderful time! But the highlight of the trip was Greco catching a Nurse Shark!!!! It was way bigger than him and the Captain of our boat had to pull it in!! He got it all the way to the boat and it snapped the line. So glad about that, not sure if we would have liked having a 80lb shark flailing about in the boat! Greco is loving his life and living it to the fullest. We are so thankful that we have these wonderful opportunities to LIVE!! Thank you all for checking in and continuing to pray for his healing. We are hoping to have a checkup soon to confirm his good health. Please pray for a "clean bill of health"