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It has been over a month since my last post. People have emailed with concerns about what is going on. Life....... That is what is going on. We have had some ups and downs in this last month. I am making myself sit down and write this post now. Right this moment I have just found out that Lauren Hill has passed away and it has really saddened me. Lauren Hill is the 19 year old college basketball player with DIPG. She has given DIPG victims a voice. Hopefully the money she has raised will help find a cure for this awful disease that continues to claim so many innocent lives. Thank you sweet angel!! On March 15th, a dear family that we are incredibly close to, lost their 14 month old baby to a very unexpected tragic accident. It stopped us all in our tracks. The days and weeks surrounding that terrible day have been filled with begging prayers, tears and lots of questions from our own children. Grief filled days are long ones. The nights are even longer. We don't have the answers. Our friends never had a heads up, like we have been given. Another sweet angel in heaven. Life has been good too. On March 25, Steinbrenner High School held a dodgeball tournament. It was a fundraiser for a club in the school. Coach Paul Noble signed up Team Greco to compete. Team Greco consisted of our 3 sons and Coach Noble's 2 sons. We had the honor of competing against the winning team of the tournament. You see, there were many teams made up of high schoolers. The team that won the tournament got to go to finals with Team Greco!! The cross country team was our opponent in the finals and Team Greco promptly beat them!!! They were amazing sports and really played tough against our group of wrestlers! Thanks for an awesome experience!! March 29th, the boys competed in the State wrestling tournament here in Florida. It was a great day and both won their brackets!! We are proud of our kids. They work so hard. April 4th, off to The Cliff Keene National Championships in Iowa. Another amazing event. Nic took first, Vince second. Very very tough brackets. Placing at this event is something to be proud of!! Hard work is paying off. Life. It is continuing all around us. Things are not always good. But sometimes, they are. We are rolling with the punches around here. Taking each day as it comes. Some of our days are filled with laughter, others are filled with tears. But we press forward.. God has good things in store for us. We are so thankful each day that we wake up to the blessings in our lives. Heads up! You never know. God sent this little ladybug to us this week, her message...... "Everything is going to be alright."

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