Hard Work!

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All of our kids wrestle. Troy started when he was a little guy and all of our kids have as well. The only gear you need is a good pair of wrestling shoes and headgear. As you can see from this picture, I NEVER throw out old shoes. Of course the kids love the trophies and medals they win from tournaments, but the shoes are what I treasure. The shoes are usually blown out at the toe, sometimes wrapped in tape and always pretty smelly. But all of those reasons to throw out the shoes are why I keep them. They remind me of how hard my kids work at the sport they love so much. This sport is not for the weak. We have had 2 a day practices as well as 3 a days. We have spent many, many weekends at wrestling camps. Not to mention weekday practices every night. Hours upon hours of drilling, working out, live wrestling, running, sweating ..... Just to get better. Shoes take a beating, but the kids come home with cuts, sore muscles, bloody noses, black eyes and sometimes worse. But they keep at it. Hard work. Day in, day out. I don't know of many young athletes that are as dedicated as a wrestler. Yes, the parents do all the hauling around, but the wrestler does all the hard work. These shoes have been through a couple of kids and lots of workouts. I would love to know just how many miles they have run in these shoes. How many takedowns they have gotten while wearing these shoes, how many pins, how many medals, how many trophies. These shoes are the real treasures. The medals and trophies are nice, shiny and clean. But I would rather hang on to the blown out shoes that show where the real hard work takes place. The real hard work is what happens before the wrestler goes to the tournament. The hard work is the practice. The practice before the practice. The practice after the practice and the work that takes place when nobody is watching. Wrestling isn't a sport you can play, it is a sport you live. LiveWrestling!! Live Greco!!!

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