19 months!!!!

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Greco is still here!! We are 19 months out, since diagnosis. Today I depressed myself by googling DIPG Survivors. I really need to stop doing that. Our miracle is right in front of us. We are so Blessed that Greco has been with us for so long, and symptom free at that!! In the last few weeks we have received some awesome gifts from people that just want to do something nice for our little guy. This beanie was hand made as well as the gorgeous blanket! Please visit Ali's Nic Nacs by Alison Greene on Facebook. Her story is inspiring and her son is a 2 time cancer survivor !! We thank all of you that have visited our site, sent donations and gifts and especially all of the prayers! We may never know the names of all the people that have prayed for this miracle, but your prayers have been a blessing to us, and we believe God has been faithful and saved our Little Greco!!! Praise His Name!!!

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