Greco Lives!!!

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We took the family rock climbing at a local rock climbing facility on Saturday. We started with everyone harnessed into a belt that Troy and I controlled as they climbed. Within minutes of climbing, Nic and Vince were free climbing all over the place. Jaclyn and Greco stayed in the security of the belts for a long time, but after they gained some confidence, they were also out of the belts free climbing as well. It was a little scary for both Troy and I to have our belts on waiting to "assist"our kids in the climbing, but none of them wanted or needed our help. They were on their on. What a blessing that our kids have the confidence to try new things on their on. They aren't afraid of heights or falling!!! But we stood ready with the proper gear to hook them in and yell "belay on!!!" That is what God wants to do for us too. He is standing ready to catch us if and when we fall. But you have to be hooked into his secure harness. He is there waiting patiently for us, so climb on!!!

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