Feeling Assured...

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Today we met with Greco's oncologist in St. Petersburg. Since we travelled all the way to that area, we decided to spend the afternoon on the beach. Yes, the whole country is under winter storm warnings this week, yet here in Florida, the weather remains glorious!! Dr. Stapleton is still very impressed and amazed at Greco's continued progress. When asked if what we are seeing with him is typical of DIPG, the answer is a resounding NO!! This is not typical. In a few words, when a child is diagnosed with this horrible disease, 90% pass within the first year. The other 10% will most likely pass within the second year. Greco was diagnosed 18 months ago. So you see, he has already defied the odds. We are still in the second year and MRI's are encouraged every 3 months. The explanation for having them is to alert us if the tumor starts to grow back. It is still there. Very tiny. But it hasn't shown any growth since discovery. The radiation Greco had, decreased the size of the tumor tremendously. But it is still there. If it begins to grow back, there is nothing else left that we can do. No more radiation, no medicine, no chemotherapy. However......We feel assured that Greco is healed!! God has taken care of this for us. We remain faithful that he is going to be ok and live a long and healthy life with a wonderful testimony to the goodness of Our Lord and Savior. Each and every prayer we pray as a family we thank God for saving Greco. We are so Blessed to have been able to witness this miracle. We thank all of you that have prayed and continue to pray for Greco's healing. Join us in thanking God for His many Blessings!!

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