Greco's buddy dedicates his win to Greco!!

Dedicating my 113 lbs 2015 LIVE GRECO CHAMPIONSHIP to Greco Hello I hope all is well with you guys and especially my little bud Greco. As you may or may not know my name is Krystian-Lee-Rage Velez and I am a current 2 Time National H.S. All American being recruited by about 30 national colleges as of now (D1s, D2's, D3's and Private Universities). The crazy thing about it is that I started wrestling 3 years ago and at that time no one thought I would be where I'm at today except my parents and myself. I never gave up always fighting to get better and because of that I continue to exceed everyone's expectations. I see that same similarity on a higher scale with the way you and your wife are there 100% for Greco and the way that he continues to blow by everyone's expectations because of his fighting spirit to live. Greco is a fighter and a true Champion in my eyes. With that being said I have decided to dedicated my 113 lb LIVE GRECO CHAMPIONSHIP to Greco in order to raise awareness for his cause . They have put together a highlight reel of my fights from the 2015 LIVE GRECO INVITATIONAL and of me hanging out with Greco as well and it will be posted on youtube and also on Facebook and other Social Media sites. I want you to know that I was inspired by Greco and he instantly became a friend. I will keep him in my prayers and I will think of how strong he is and take his strentgh as well as my own strength into my future battles both on and off the mat. GOD Bless you Greco. P.S. - I recently was named athlete of the week by "The Tampa Tribune" and I mentioned Greco's fight against cancer in my video. Here's a link to the video/article