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Wrestling Tournaments are so exhausting! I think it is bad on me. I am running to and fro making sure I don't miss seeing my own kids wrestle. But inevitably they are both second up on two different mats that are so far from each other that I am sprinting to get to the match on time. We are so blessed to have so many parents helping out that at least as I am bounding through the mats, I don't have to drag the little ones with me. Greco and Jaclyn are perfectly happy playing with all of their wrestling buddies. Our buddies are the wrestlers and parents that all pitch in to help out when Troy is coaching and I am taping. The hardest part is when one falls asleep and we all take turns holding them until we can find an empty chair. We had 3 teams in Wildwood this year so Troy was also running through the venue to help coach. It is a very busy time, but as you can see.... Greco found a nice comfy place to take a nap!! We had a row of chairs with 3 kids napping on each other's rear end!!! Good times, Great Memories!!

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