Elementary Duals in Wildwood New Jersey

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Team Greco attended the Elementary Duals in Wildwood New Jersey for the second straight year! We had so much interest that we were able to take 2 elementary teams to this event. There were 47 elementary teams wrestling in the duals. Team Greco wrestled tough and our teams placed 9th and 18th out of 47 teams!!!! Not Bad!!! We are so proud of the boys that travelled all the way to NJ in the middle of winter and spent the entire weekend at the venue on the beach. It was so cold that no one dared to take a dip in the ocean!! It was so awesome to get to make connections with so many people from all over the country. We were able to share our story with others that had not heard about sweet Greco and his battle. I also got to meet and hear the stories of other wrestling families that have also fought this same battle. It was very humbling to be around such a wonderful group of wrestling families. Even though we may have been on opposing teams, our connections as wrestling moms and dads brings us together as one. I want to thank Coach Brian Abdon for all the hard work that went into putting this together for the young wrestlers here in Florida. It is such a worthwhile event and I believe we may take even more kids next year!! Here is a picture of both Elementary Teams and little Greco sitting up front and center!! Go Team Greco!!!

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