Message of Encouragement

I stumbled upon your story on a picture of Connor Prince winning the Live Greco Invitational and the link being posted there by Kerrale Calhoun Prince. Greco was posed up there hoisting that big belt next to Connor and I figured I had to find out what it was about. I looked through the site and saw the videos from Coach Brands and Kyle Dake to Greco and thought how amazing it was that this tough little dude has already in his several years of life been able to reach and provide inspiration to some of those icons in the sport that have given inspiration to myself and others. I'm currently a college sophomore and although I have elected to take the academic scholarship route over college wrestling, I know that the lessons I learned while competing in high school will be with me for the rest of my life. However sometimes I find myself swamped and overwhelmed with schoolwork and lose a positive attitude. I forget to smile sometimes but now your little angel has given me a standard by which to hold myself accountable. If little Greco can go through more adversity in four years on earth than most people experience in a lifetime, and yet still be smiling through it all, then I know that on both my good days and my bad days that I have to just sit back, smile, and find joy in God's creation. I also want to give a big kudos to you and your husband for providing Greco with such a loving and nurturing environment and packing in all the good memories you can each and every day in case God needs a lightweight on his wrestling team a little early. You are examples of true love and I wish Greco and yourselves many blessings and much love and for continued healing for his condition. Positive attitude and prayer can oftentimes be the best medicine and you seem to have an abundance of that so I hope you guys have lots of fun and good times and I have to thank you guys for putting your story out there to give a bright light of inspiration to the world with your angel! God Bless you all.

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