1st Annual Live Greco Invitational


Thank you to coaches Paul Noble and Tim Root for putting on an amazing event!!! The wrestling tournament was a class act!! I know it took lots of people many, many hours and loads of work to create such a professionally run event!! We were so thrilled to be a part of it. The teams came from all over and they were all outstanding kids on and off the mat. Many wrestlers that heard Greco's story for the first time came up to meet him and wanted pictures with him. And Greco did it!!! He was quite the entertainer and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself among his enormous wrestling family!!! He has made lots of new friends and brothers in wrestling through this fantastic event! Paul when you brought this idea up to me at practice all those many months ago, my biggest fear was that Greco would not be here for it. But he is still here!!! LiveGreco!!! Thanks Paul!!!

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