A Special Invitation...


Last night we had a special invitation to attend a kids practice and a Senior Night duals at Lake Gibson High School in Lakeland Florida. Coach Walker was kind enough to have us bring some of our Greco Gear to display at the tournament. Not only did he make us feel incredibly welcome, he and his team treated us as Special Guests!! The wrestlers were so helpful to us in setting up our stuff. Everyone came over to say hi to Greco and lots of fans, wrestlers, coaches and friends bought gear and added Greco to their prayer lists. The Jorge Family spent some time with us getting to know our story and even prayed for Greco. That really means the world to us. I have to give a shout out to Maria Solorzano for really making this all happen. Not only has she kept Lake Gibson updated on Greco she has made sure they have been supplied with lots of Team Greco shirts!! My other dear friend Brandy Brown volunteered to help Maria and myself work the Greco table for the tournament. I could not have done it without their efforts!!! The Lake Gibson Braves won the dual against Winter Haven. But both teams of young men were impressive on and off the mat. Thank you for having us!! Go Braves!!!

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