Lots of Ladybug Love!!!


The ladybugs just keep on coming!!! Wow!! Everyday we find a special delivery in our mailbox or on the porch. What you see in this picture is just a fraction!!! We have been blessed with lots of ladybugs, from Truffles,yes!!! Ladybug truffles!!! Sorry I have no pic they were devoured!!!!!! Ladybug cookies too. Lady bug socks!!! Ladybug rocks!! Sweet messages of encouragement each day are found in the mail. Messages from people all over the country!!! How these people know about us, I will never know. But it is so humbling that complete strangers are being touched by our story. Thank you all so much for praying for Greco and for our family. Does this ever get easy??? NO! But the more people praying for us sure does help. We have been touched by the sweet gestures of small children that are sending us their gifts and telling us they too are praying for Greco. That warms my heart, because I truly believe a child's innocent prayer is instantly heard by our Father in heaven. Thank you boys and girls, moms and dads for being a part of this story, this miracle. We are overwhelmed at how Good God has been to us. May God Bless You All!!!

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