Tumor Board

Tumor Board met to discuss Greco's scans. It had been almost a week of waiting on pins and needles. They had a lengthy discussion about the latest MRI, taking measurements and comparing angles of the scans. This MRI was taken at a different hospital in a different machine with a different radiologist. That should not make much of a difference. But after much discussion it was decided that the tumor IS NOT LARGER!!!!! Praise God!!! Apparently Greco's head was at a slightly different angle than he usually is in the MRI machine. It was a different doctor doing the scan, as I have mentioned. But the very slight difference made the tumor appear just less than a millimeter larger than the last scan. That may seem very small, by it is not good news that a tumor is larger. It means it is growing. It means there is a blood supply going to it. It is terrible, terrible news. So, it all boils down to Human Error!! A week of stress and worry. A week of tears and prayers. Thank you Lord for reminding me yet again that YOU have got this under control. YOU are the Great Physician! YOU have not left us alone. Thank you Jesus for saving Sweet Greco, my darling son. Please forgive me for ever doubting YOU.

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