This week we received a message from a woman who has walked in my shoes. Lisa Reimer is a teacher at one of our wrestler's school. Her son has survived a brain tumor and she prays for Greco. I appreciate hearing from this Mom, as she offers a listening ear and an understanding heart. Here is a wonderful poem that she shared this week and it is a good and timely reminder of what I need to be reminded of from time to time.


  • A physician will ask you how you feel and what your symptoms are; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN KNOWS HOW YOU FEEL AND UNDERSTANDS WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH.

  • A physician will have you come to the office; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN WILL STAY WITH YOU AND NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE.

  • A physician will show professional concern for you; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN WILL SHOW YOU TRUE COMPASSION.

  • A physician will treat you with the best medicine available; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN WILL TREAT YOU WITH THE RICHES OF HIS GRACE.

  • A physician will follow your progress with periodic visits; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN WILL KEEP YOU IN HIS CONSTANT CARE.

  • A physician will send you a bill for services rendered; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN DOES HIS WORK WITHOUT CHARGE.

  • A physician tries his very best to help you; THE GREAT PHYSICIAN ASSURES YOU THAT YOUR LIFE COULDN'T BE IN BETTER HANDS!

Thank you Lisa for this gentle reminder. No matter the situation, God Is Good.

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