The Thrill of Hope....

It is Christmas and this phrase is heard in the songs we sing this time of year. The Birth of Jesus Christ, so long ago,has given our sinful world the thrill of hope. But Hope doesn't always present itself with thrill, sometimes it is in pure desperation. Yet, it is still there, it is HOPE.

Sixteen months ago, when Greco was diagnosed, that was one of the first questions we asked the doctor....." Is there Hope?".... But, he had already answered that question when he came into the room and the first words out of his mouth were .... "This is the worst part of my job".....

Even though our Hope was only a flicker, it was there. You can never, ever give up Hope. Easier said than done. From the outside looking in, our situation appeared hopeless. The desperation and heartache we felt was so overwhelming. The tears would not stop flowing. As time went on and even today, our Hope is growing. The Thrill of Hope is with us.

Greco's next MRI is in a week. Knowing this is coming gives me mixed emotions. The first is the Thrill of Hope!!!! I am excited, I want to hear the doctor say, the tumor is gone. I want to hear that this nightmare is over. I would love to end the year 2014 on a high note with a clean bill of health for Greco!! Please God, let me hear those words!!! Yet, I am also anxious, because the news could be different. It could be bad. I am aware of the dire statistics this evil disease brings with it. I am fully aware that our oncologist still says, we are not out of the woods. I am not expecting bad news, I am going to this MRI filled with Thankfulness that the news is good! I am filled, completely filled with the Thrill of Hope that my child is healed. My child is going to survive and I am forever thankful for this miracle that I have been so blessed to have experienced. Yes, tomorrow is still unknown. But I am filled with Hope, the Thrill of HOPE.

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