Milestones every 5th

The fifth of every month is a milestone for Greco. We celebrate the fifth because it signifies another month he has been with us since he was diagnosed with DIPG. Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma has been in the news lately. You may have read about other kids that are also suffering from this fatal tumor. Every time I read about another child that has been diagnosed or one that has passed on because of DIPG, I am so saddened. We were told DIPG is rare, but it isn't rare when it is your child that has it. It isn't rare when it is the first thing you think of each morning. Google DIPG and you will be shocked. The data isn't encouraging. Life expectancy for Greco was 2-11 months. The average is 18 months. Sobering information. Sickening, actually. The fifth of this month marks 16 months for sweet Greco!! He is thriving!! His eyesight is back. He is making progress!! God is here and in this fight with us. We are so blessed. I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers for Greco. I hope that as I share bits of our life with you all, that you will see past all of the negativity this cancer can cause, I hope what is revealed to you is that "challenges are certain, defeat is optional"

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