Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we are especially thankful for all the blessings in our lives. Greco is here and we are most thankful that the Lord has been so good to continue to heal him. Our family was able to come and spend the holiday with us and that was a very special way to celebrate. We were able to announce the latest good news and that is ...... Greco's vision in his right eye has returned to perfect 20/20 vision!!!! Wow!! Just a few months ago he was legally blind and now he can see perfectly!! Thank you Lord. I am so humbled at how Good God has been to us. Exactly a year ago Greco announced that his tumor was taken away by a tiny ladybug. Since then we see ladybugs everywhere gently reminding us that everything will be ok. We have had his port removed because we are confident that it won't be needed anymore. Each and every MRI has shown the tumor on his brainstem getting smaller and smaller. Yes, there is something still there. But we believe it is NOT a tumor. We will soon be going in for yet another MRI. But we give thanks today for all of the blessings in our lives. God is Good!

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