Another long day at the hospital!!

Today we stepped out in faith and had Greco's port removed. Last year when he was diagnosed with DIPG the port was placed in his chest so that he could be easily put to sleep for his radiation treatments. It did make it much easier than getting poked everyday.

But a port must be flushed every six weeks. You are not supposed to play too roughly if you have one in your chest. And if you ever run a fever an ER visit is required!!!!! Thank goodness that only happened one time. After we completed the radiation treatments, Greco's oncologist wanted us to leave the port in. She wanted it there in the event we had further treatments like chemotherapy. It has been in his chest for over a year and every oncology visit we asked to get it removed. Finally, we were given permission to get it out!!!

No eating, no drinking, just waiting and waiting at the hospital for this 20 minute operation. This is a picture of Greco in Pre Op. You can see his little port poking out of his chest. Greco is one tough little guy!! He endured the long wait with nothing to eat like a champ!!!

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