Big Things

For that last few weeks our big boys have been doing a lot of traveling for wrestling tournaments. They have been to the Michigan Grappler and to the PreSeason Nationals in Iowa. They met lots of people and shared Greco's amazing story. Just this past weekend we were all able to travel to NC for Super32. It was also a great tournament. Traveling gets old though. Especially when you are driving for long distances with a bunch of bouncy kids in the back. On our way home from Greensboro there was a particular quiet moment in the car. Nic was sleeping, Vince and Jaclyn were quietly looking out the windows in the very back seat. Greco was in his little booster seat next to Nic when he just out of the blue spoke up. "Jesus can do big things". I turned around in my seat and asked him what he said. He repeated it, "Jesus can do big things". I said, " Greco, who told you that? " Greco casually looked out the window and said "Jesus" Yes, sweet Greco you are right.

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