"Stay strong, God's got this!!"

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Here is the little booklet Greco made in Sunday School this weekend. When he showed it to me on Sunday, I was a little startled. Last year when I was in the midst of begging for prayers from every person I knew on this planet, I received an email with those words. The sender was my dear high school friend and college roommate Terri. She said simply, "Stay strong, God's got this!!" Terri sent that email to me on September 26, 2013. Greco made this book on September 28, 2014. I had received many, many encouraging emails from lots of friends and family. But that one in particular, struck me. That one I had never forgotten. The words, so simple, almost too simple to dare believe. Maybe I was too scared to believe that it truly is that simple. We had just been given a death sentence for our child. We had no idea what to expect. But we were always assured by the doctors that one thing WAS for sure, and that was Greco would die from his brain tumor, no one survives this. Just try Googling DIPG survivors, it will make you sick. September of last year I was still in the middle of constantly researching DIPG, all of the treatments available and most of all trying to find survivors. I could not find ONE! So, when sweet Terri sent me this very simple to the point email, "God's got this", you can imagine the doubt I had. It cannot be that simple, I thought. This is CANCER!!! This is inoperable!! This is FATAL!!! It cannot be that simple!! But guess what, it was, it is and it will always be that simple. God's got this! No, we are not "out of the woods" yet. But God is in control. We have to humble ourselves before the Lord and just hand it all over to him. He will take take of everything as he sees fit. Thank you Terri for those unforgettable words you sent so long ago. They still ring true today. And to see them on a little book that Greco made in his Sunday School class ALMOST A YEAR after you sent them to me, was no coincidence. It was a God Wink, of course.

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