A Very Rare and Remarkable Response!

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We have finally heard from Tumor Board. After 3 weeks of Greco's latest MRI scans being lost in never never land, they were found, sent in, uploaded and discussed!!! I have been waiting on pins and needles to hear what the Board thought about Greco's latest MRI. The news is good!! Greco has had a VERY RARE AND REMARKABLE RESPONSE!!!! We are so thrilled with this news! Our prayers are being answered!!! Greco is doing amazing!! Last week he went back to the pediatric ophthalmologist to have the vision in Greco's left eye checked. Again, the Lord has been Faithful in answering our prayers! Another remarkable response to the patching! Our first visit revealed Greco had 20/800 vision in his left eye. He was considered legally blind in that eye. Last week his vision had improved to 20/25!!!! Another Miracle!! Thank you all for your continued prayers for sweet Greco's healing. God has been good. If you want to see the rainbows, you have to keep looking up, even when it's raining!

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