What a difference a year makes!

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.04.48 AM.png
Here is a picture of Greco that I took today at our homeschool co op. He is one little happy guy! He has been participating in weekly classes with other homeschoolers and just having a blast. Today was the first time I felt he was totally acclimated to doing the activities without me holding him or hovering nearby. This picture was taken after I burst into tears as I watched him painting like any normal little boy. My mind rushed back to what our life was like exactly one year ago. Daily trips to the hospital and hours and hours waiting in recovery. Those days were so long ago, but must never be forgotten. Seeing my boy loving life and learning new things just thrills me. He is so happy and that makes me happy. Our life looks nothing like it did one year ago. Things have changed in many ways. But all is GOOD! We are thankful for the changes. When a door closes a window opens! The windows are wide open in our hearts and each day that we are together is a blessing.

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