Just because it is not easy, doesn't mean it isn't GOD

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I write this post as I am sitting in the waiting room. Greco is in for his MRI. These few minutes of quiet give me time to reflect on the changes we have gone through this past year. Life has really thrown our family into some unexpected loops. We are so much stronger than I ever dreamed we would have to be. I am thankful that the challenges we have and are facing are making us stronger in our faith. God is good and he is in control. Worry is useless. Faith is priceless. We know challenges are certain, boy do we know that for sure. Everyone faces challenges, some that are visible to the whole world, others that no one can see. But how we face those challenges and who we face them with, makes all the difference. God is in it all. I am so thankful that as I sit in this waiting room, I have peace. God has assured me that everything is going to be ok! Everything.

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