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Today marks exactly 1 year since we found out that Greco has a fatal brain tumor. We believe that he is healed and Thank God for the promises he has kept! This weekend was spent in the exact same wrestling camp we were in last year when this tumor was discovered. We celebrated by giving all the wrestlers and coaches Team Greco shirts!! It was so wonderful to see everyone that we knew wearing Greco Gear!! We had asked many of our friends to wear it in honor of our one year celebration. Not only was this weekend filled with celebration it was also inundated with God Winks and Whispers!!! On the way down to Homestead we saw a double rainbow. It was a perfect double rainbow stretching from one side of the highway to the other. And, we just happened to be in Alligator Alley!! On Friday I had the opportunity to get an appointment with a holistic doctor in Miami. So as I did the year before, I went with Greco to seek out help for him. The appointment went well and I learned a few new things. But I think my discovery in the waiting room prior to our visit is the reason I was in that office. The ladies in the office brought out paper and crayons to occupy Greco while we waited. Greco was happily coloring when he came up to me with the box of crayons. What do you think we found on the box???? Not one, but two ladybug stickers!!! Another whisper that "everything is going to be ok"! As we were packing up to leave the hotel on Sunday morning we saw another amazing message from God in the parking lot. A car had the words " He Lives" painted on the back window! Yes he does live!! Praise The Lord !! I snapped pictures of all of these wonderful whispers from God. As we began our travels home that afternoon, we were making our way through Alligator Alley once again. I spotted a huge ladybug sticker on the back of the car in front of us!!! Wow!! Snapped another picture!! Not ten minutes later, Jaclyn yells "Look Mom, a rainbow!!" I turned to see and yes, there was another rainbow. It was another beautiful double rainbow!!!! God has spoken to us all weekend to reassure us that he is in control. A year ago we were driving along this exact same road. We were in complete shock about what was happening to us. The fear of the unknown overwhelmed us as we made that long trip home. But this weekend, the trip was filled with messages of Hope from our dear Lord. A year has passed. But those first days that we were gripped with fear are still fresh in our minds. The night, one year ago that we were told Greco was dying, the doctor advised us to Live! He told us time was short, make the most of what we have left. And that is exactly what we have done and continue to do. Life has changed so much. A year out and we are closer to God than we have ever been. Greco Lives. We are so blessed with that miracle. Praise God!! Thank You Lord for Saving Greco!!

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