A True Warrior...

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This weekend marks one year since we discovered that Greco has a tumor on his brainstem. He was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma. One year ago this weekend, our lives were totally changed forever. After diagnosis we were told he had a 10% chance of surviving for one year. As I look back at my journal entries, my desperate emails to friends and family and my posts on our website, I cannot believe that we have been through so much in just one year. Greco has been a true warrior! He Lives! He is still here with us. We know it is only by the Grace of God that Greco has survived this year. He has been through so much. From the operation for his port, to the radiation for 29 days, his hair falling out to losing most of his sight in his right eye!! Greco still lives. He is thriving! We celebrate this weekend that Greco is surviving!! The tumor continues to shrink. We are scheduled for yet another MRI in September. But in the meantime we LIVE !! We are so thankful to God for sparing our son. We know that many people all over the world have held him up in prayer! We know that many continue to pray for his healing and Praise The Lord for the miracle that is happening!! Our Oncologist tells us that it is still a scary time. We have Faith and remain positive that Greco will survive this. Thank you all so very much for continuing to pray for Greco and for our family to be able to get through each day, each hour and each moment. We are thankful for the trials that have come our way. They have made us stronger. We are so excited that we can share the good news that Greco is still here! Thank you all so very much for your prayers and for following our blog on our website. Challenges are certain, defeat is optional! GRECO LIVES!!! LIVE GRECO!!!

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