Seeing the light...

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We had another doctor's appointment this week. This time with a pediatric ophthalmologist. We are hoping to see if there is anything we can do to get Greco's eye to straighten out. We got some shocking news...... Greco's left eye has perfect 20/20 vision. His right eye has lost most of it's sight!!!! We were not expecting to hear this. The dr explained it very simply that since the eye had turned in, it created double vision initially. But because Greco is young and his brain is still developing, his brain decided to "stop using" the right eye because it wasn't in sync with the left eye. That is why when he was first diagnosed, he was tripping and falling so much. He doesn't do that as much anymore. So over this past year, the sight in his right eye has diminished to the point where...... He is legally blind in that eye......! We were floored! Of course we were well aware that blindness was a side effect of this tumor. But honestly we did not expect it. The Good News.... Again, because Greco is so young, his eyesight can be recovered!!!!!' Praise God!!! The dr said it would be difficult, but we would have to be diligent with the process. Patching Greco's good eye and forcing his brain to use his blind eye will bring the sight back. Imagine trying to get a 3 year old, very active child to wear an eye patch. Essentially what we are doing is taking away his sight. He knows he can see with the left eye, so ripping the patch off helps him to see. The dr said it would be very frustrating for him at first. Boy, was she right!! We patched his eye the first day and of course he ripped it right off. We resorted to wrapping his sweet little head with tape to keep him from taking off the patch. For 2 days he had his patch taped to his head. It was miserable! He cried and fought it. He ran into walls and tripped and fell. I did not leave his side. I held him, carried him up and down the stairs. The kids and I played visual games with him like Concentration. It was so heartbreaking to see him reach for a card and totally not be able to find it. I almost cried when he tried kicking the beach ball and missed every time!! He could not see!! He would yell, " I cannot see anything". He cried and was so angry. It was the hardest 2 days to try to get him to understand.

The afternoon of the 2nd day we had to go to swim class. I knew I would not allow him to go out with that tape around his head. People would think we were cruel!! So I pulled the tape off, OUCH!!!!!!! ( lost some hair, poor fellow) I convinced Greco that if he did not want the tape on his head, he would have to use the little patch and not rip it off. He agreed, let me put it on and never touched it again (so far). This picture was taken about 45 minutes after we put the patch on. He wore it in the pool at swim class and acted as if it was the most natural thing. 2 days of misery and second guessing myself and he finally is not fighting this patch. I believe God is already healing his eye. Yet another miracle we are seeing! Praise The Lord!! Thank you Jesus, for giving us the patience to get through the last 2 very difficult days, for not letting us give in to what Greco wanted, but doing what Greco needed. Before we started this process, we sat down as a family and prayed to be able to do whatever it takes to get Greco to wear the patch. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers. So we will not dwell on the fact that Greco has lost his sight in that eye. Jesus has healed many blind people! We know we have to be there for Greco, holding his hand and helping him do things. He will see again!! He will be ok. We are so thankful to have this child and our other children are learning so much about being loving and giving to Greco. Greco's tumor hasn't just changed Greco. It has changed our whole family !! We are closer to God, rely on Him for all of our needs and have drawn much closer to Him because of this tumor. We are not out of the woods yet, but we can SEE the light through the trees!

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