Ladybug Whispers

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 10.22.51 AM.png
We went to see Greco's oncologist this morning. Guess what is hanging in the exam room we were in?!!!! Yes, a picture of a ladybug!!! We have been in that exam room numerous times, and this picture wasn't in there until we came today. It is the first thing we saw and Greco was so excited that he wanted a picture with it!! Remember, every time we see a ladybug, God whispers everything is going to be ok. Our visit was to get his port flushed and to see his doctor. Everything is looking good with Greco, the dr says. Obviously he is almost at 1 year since diagnosis, which means he has made it to the 10% of children that live past the first year. August 5th will be his 1 year mark. We are almost there!!!! Praise God!!!! According to his dr, we are still not out of the woods. It is still a very scary time as only a minuscule % of those in the 10% actually live past the 2nd year. We respect what our dr says, but claim a miracle is happening!! Even she said this could be a miracle. I say IT IS!! Thank you Lord for saving our boy! For blessing our family and giving us the strength and faith to have made it through this long and terrifying year. We praise your name for the miracle you have allowed us to witness and share with the world. Greco Lives!!! LiveGreco!

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