Happy Anniversary!!!

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Troy and I celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary today. He had a speaking engagement in Key Largo that just so happened to coincide with our special day. So, we packed up the gang and headed to the Keys for some fun in the sun!! The conference was held at the beautiful Ocean Reef Club and we got to stay in the Marlin Inn there. It was so nice and sunny and we all had a great time. We actually disconnected from our phones and spent quality time together as a family enjoying the beauty of God's creation. Being near the ocean and watching the clouds rolling by just accentuates how big God is. Thank you Lord for this glorious world you have given us. We are so happy to be blessed with opportunities to witness your creations and to be a part of this wonderful life!! Thank you for our 16 years together! " if ever I loved The Lord, 'tis now "

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