New Wheels!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 9.36.38 AM.png
Greco has finally outgrown his bike. The one that has been ridden by all 4 of our kids. The one that I taught each of them to pedal! So glad to see this day that he gets his own set of wheels. Yes they still have training wheels, but our goal is to take them off by Greco's 4th birthday. All of our children were riding without training wheels at age. 4, and Greco will do the same. He is wearing his Superman shirt in this picture. Super just happens to be his very favorite word right now. Everything is described with the word super. From things being super yummy, puppies being super cute and public restrooms being super stinky, Greco can find a way to get that word in what he has to say. Greco is my Super Man. I love this little guy. Isn't he super adorable?

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