Happy Fourth of July!!!

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We celebrated the Fourth today by spending it together with our family. We got up early and Troy and the big kids ran in a 5K race. It was Vince and Jaclyn's very first race. It was so exciting, with so many people running. Greco and I cheered them on and took pictures!! I do believe he will be ready to do this race next year!!! Then the whole family will race together. We were so excited that Jaclyn ran her very first 5k and placed second in her age group of girls 9 and under. 2nd place and she is only 6!!! Wow!! We are thrilled at how well she did. After the 5K all three kids ran the Family 1 Mile Fun Run. Vince finished in just over 8 minutes. He was flying!!! We spent the afternoon with Troy's parents and brother, enjoying good food and fellowship with each other. It was a great day celebrating, making memories and enjoying our time together. We are so thankful for these good days, we are truly blessed and we give God the glory!!

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